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Salty Wahine Gourmet Hawaiian Sea Salts provide a diverse selection of tropical fruit flavors infused into every salt crystal. Salty Wahine product ingredients and labor combined are 82% Hawaiian origin.   The product is sold as a gourmet value added food seasoning.  Salty Wahine in seven years has become the premier Hawaiian sea salt brand in Hawaii.  Customers look for the Salty Wahine logo when purchasing gourmet Hawaiian sea salt.  Customer testimonials provide product loyalty and proof of superior value.

YELP – Erica S.

I purchased little bags of salt from Salty Wahine for favors for my wedding on Kauai and they were perfect. Our favors were bags of all local Kauai products and our guests really enjoyed them, they also enjoyed the fact that they were favors they could actually purchase in a larger size before they left!! The salt was a big hit and our guests staying in condos used it to cook with before they left!

The people at Salty Wahine are amazing. They worked with me to design the perfect packaging and even fit it to my colors. They were very reasonable with their pricing and were so kind and patient with me and my bride self.

I also use their Lilikoi sugar for baking at home and it it absolutely amazing!  This place is a MUST for anyone traveling to Kauai.

Cat P. 3/6/15

We stopped here on a whim and we were pleasantly surprised by the selection, quality, and service!  Despite the fact it’s in an unassuming warehouse and the indoor decor is very bare, the products themselves are legit.  We decided to go with three of their salts (the alaea "red" salt, kiawe smoke mesquite salt, and the black lava salt), but between all of their spice rubs and other inventory, we easily could have gone crazy in this place.  The employee was also very sweet and gave us some recipe ideas.  If you love cooking or you are in need of souvenirs, make sure you check this place out.

Jen T 1/25/15

I was reading in one of the visitor magazines about the salts from Salty Wahine. So we stopped in while we were at the coffee plantation to get some salts for home. We got a 5 pack of the salts and it came with a free package of their sugar. Awesome. I got the hot lava, the pineapple poulty mix, and there were other unique flavors I can’t remember. But they are made with good quality and definitely good with any meats! I would remember checking out the store and getting some good gifts for your friends from Kauai

Shannon N 11/25/15

Yes!  SUPER-friendly service here, and you can’t help but buy more than you expected. 😉  I haven’t yet broken out the awesome pineapple rub I bought here, but I have eagerly and happily used the lilikoi sugar and it’s great!  Very happy we stopped here!

Jae M. 12/29/14

We love the Hawaiian Rub & Guava garlic. I wish I works have purchased all flavors when I was in Hi, but don’t worry they deliver! Ordered December 11th for a holiday gift, and the order arrived in Seattle December 15th. Talk about fast! In addition the the fast delivery, they wrote a hand written note on my invoice. Thanking me for my order. Wow!  Thank you for sending me some delicious spices and the Aloha spirit. Great customer service to go with their Amazing products!

Conrad H. 12/29/14

Great store and excellent salts and the most friendly of all the sales people I met on any of the islands. Strongly recommend the Kiawe Smoke!

HjunJoo K 6/22/11

Their Hawaiian rubs are amazing! Got some locally at the hotel I was staying at… honeymooning 🙂    Anyways, I love local made items, and their were advertized as Kauai Made, so I bought a couple small bags of their rub, and I wished I bought more when I running low on the rub!

I searched online all around, and I bought a ridiculous avoid any shortage! … gave some to some family and grilling friends… to those who can appreciate the flavor!

My husband and I use this on chicken and have it with rice and veggies etc. Soooooooooo good, and I never get sick of the meal!

We usually marinate/rub the chicken and freeze them (we buy chicken bulk at times… easier with our work schedule lifestyle), and just take them out the mornings that we will have them for dinner…. we call it our hawaiian dinner 🙂

We haven’t tried it on other meats, but I’m sure it’s good with everything!

Calling all Grillers and people who love these sort of sea salt rubs!

Evan Orenten – Cool Hunting – 5/6/14

With its long history of rich cuisine and global mix of cultures, partnered with a natural bounty of produce and seafood, it’s no surprise that Hawaii is home to some of the most spectacular cuisine this side of the Pacific. From ancient Hawaiian earth ovens to the infamous enthusiasm for Spam, the small chain of islands has a unique culinary scene that is continually changing. In Hawaii, the grill is always firing and the catch is always fresh, and on a recent trip to Kauai, we came across a local product that captures the island essence in every serving. Salty Wahine’s gourmet sea salts combine locally produced salt with various local flavors to create a range of rubs, seasonings and salts that infuse any dish with a touch of aloha. The mango-java rub works exceptionally on grilled lamb as coffee oils add depth to the natural flavor of the meat. It wouldn’t be truly Hawaiian without some pineapple and the Salty Wahine seasoning—intended for poultry and fish—rounds out the sweetness of the indigenous fruit with rich herbal undertones and plenty of black pepper.
Look out for Salty Wahine products across the islands and in specialty shops in the US and Europe. Pick up a three-piece sampler set for $25 and check out their entire range of products online.

Trip Advisor –
Mackenzie87 7/6/15

My mum had bought some smaller packs of different products a couple of years ago. Last week we were back on Kauai so we went to the factory itself to pick up some more. I bought 4: Hot Lava, Hawaiian Rub, Guava Garlic Salt and Passionfruit Chilli Pepper. I just tested them out on a salmon, potato and corn on the cob dinner and it was delicious! Definitely recommend trying them out!

Hhogelund 5/17/15

Went in to check out all of the seasonings and we ended up buying 5 different kinds, and got a free coconut sugar. I’ve already used 3 of them since I’ve returned home and they’re all excellent.

Guinness/Currant 5/15/15

Packaged sea salts, seasoning and rubs for your cooking pleasure! Use on fish, chicken, steaks, sprinkle on veggies or soups. Smell and taste wonderful. Made on Kauai

Islandgirl222 4/17/15

Yummy salts and sugars too infused with fruits and spices of the island! They will let you sample…take some home to grill with!

Google Review –
Leigh H. June 2015

After visiting the salt ponds nearby, (where salt is not available for sale) we stopped in and were greeted by the "salt lady" herself who was very helpful and knowledgeable. This was the perfect stop for the salts and rubs we had tasted while we dined on the island, easily transportable back to the mainland.

Salty Wahine Facebook page –
Tanya F. Feb 2014

Just made a fabulous mahi mahi filet using the Hawaiian Rub and some olive oil – Wonderful! Mahalo! Purchased the rub outside of the luau at Kilohana last week on Kauai and this is my way of bringing some aloha back to snowy , cold Montana!

Bridget B. Mar 2015

I bought several different salts and a sugar home with me. I made Kalua Pork for my extended family using your Red Hawaiian Alaea Salt. Everyone LOVED it! My brother is totally hooked on the Hot Lava and adds it to almost everything. I only wish I had brought home more! Thank goodness you ship 🙂

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