As 2022 comes to a close, and we begin to look toward 2023, many of us try to come up with ways to improve ourselves and our lives, whether that be eating healthier, working out more, or reading more books.

But resolutions are hard. In 2022, only 22% of individuals kept their resolutions after one month. On average, only 9-12% keep them until the end of the year. It’s difficult to stay consistent with eating bland vegetables or taking new classes. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

This year, the Salty Wahine ohana wants to share the only resolution you’ll need to keep you on track: Pono (harmony through integrity and respect). Use pono to guide your relationships with others, with nature and even with yourself. If you reframe your aspirations for the new year through the idea of being pono, you can set foot on the path for a balanced lifestyle without the pressure of numerous goals and resolutions.

Pono for Others

Begin with the resolution to respect and value others — everyone from your significant other to the stranger walking down the street. Show compassion and empathy. Share ideas and emotions. Realize the value of learning from one another.

At Salty Wahine, we use our seasonings and salts to create pono with our ohana, which includes all of you. We hope that our products bring people together for good times and flavorful food. Consider gathering around the table for mouth-watering coffee-rubbed lamb chops or offering a crockpot of kalua pig to your new next-door neighbors.

Here are a few other ways you can incorporate being pono for others into the new year:

  • Spend meaningful time with family. Carve out time in your day, week, or month to sit down with family, whether that is sharing a meal or engaging in friendly family games. Make time to enjoy each other’s presence.
  • Put away the phone. Engage in conversations without distractions. Listen to others’ ideas and thoughtfully share your own. No screens required.
  • Take time to learn something new. Ask questions of genuine curiosity and with the purpose for learning and understanding.
  • Show gratitude often. Strengthen bonds and build relationships through recognition and appreciation. A simple Mahalo (thank you) can go a long way.

Pono for Mother Nature

This blue and green planet that we call home is also home to trillions of other living things, and sometimes that’s easy to forget. Instead of focusing on what you can get from the earth, consider how you might co-exist, sharing Mother Nature’s abundance and finding ways to give back to it.

Salty Wahine understands the value of co-existing with other living things. That is why we recognize the sacred traditions of salt harvesting in Hawaii while also respecting our aina (land). We do what we can to raise awareness regarding the lack of respect, pollution, and climate change that is threatening the salt and those who harvest it.

To show pono for our earthly home, you can also:

  • Give back what you take. Consider planting trees, composting or recycling to replenish the resources you used.
  • Be mindful of other homes. Our aina (land) is meant to provide for all living things. Keep garbage off the ground and out of the water. Think twice before changing another habitat.
  • Take a stroll through nature. Connect with the outdoors and take in the beauty that surrounds us. See for yourself with whom you share your home.

Pono for Yourself

Perhaps, most importantly, you need to have pono within and for yourself. Without taking care of you, you can’t take care of others.

This is what we, at Salty Wahine, pride ourselves in most. After all, our motto is “Making Eating Healthy And Fun!”. Over 89% of our products are of Hawaii origin, and our seasonings blend nutritional sea salts with natural herbs, spices, and tropical fruits. We can help keep your body healthy, so you can continue down your path of a pono-filled lifestyle.

There are a few other ways you can create pono for yourself, including:

  • Get good rest each night. Wind down away from electronics and create a routine to put your body into sleep mode. A full night’s sleep will get you energized for a new day.
  • Do what you enjoy doing. Taking care of yourself shouldn’t be a chore. Find fun ways to exercise. Stay active with your hobbies. Find joy in even the smallest things.
  • Reflect on the good and the bad. Pono is about balance. Take time to think about the good things in your life, but also consider where you can improve. Challenge yourself each day to be better.

If you ever feel lost or depressed beyond this please call or text the Suicide and Crisis Hotline at 988

We’re Here Every Step Of The Way

Heading into 2023, the Salty Wahine ohana will be practicing pono right alongside you. As a locally-owned business, we pride ourselves in using the gifts of the earth to replenish our bodies. With us, pono is never far.

From our ohana to yours, we wish you a Happy New Year. May you find peace and balance as you start on your path to being pono.