The Seasoning That Started It All

Laura Cristobal Andersland learned about the important cultural and healing properties of Hawaiian salts from an early age. She spent much of her childhood in the kitchen, where her paternal grandmother would educate her about Hawaiian salts and seasonings.

Laura grew to have a successful career in customer service for a rental car agency, but she never stopped experimenting in the kitchen. When she retired after 29 years, she decided to go back to the spice she created at only 11 years old and create an entire business around it.

Today, that spice, the Hawaiian Rub, has become the best-selling, award-winning seasoning in Laura’s global business, Salty Wahine.

History of the Hawaiian Rub

Growing up, Laura was always in the kitchen next to her grandmother, Dutchie, learning about foods and flavors and developing her own cooking style. She got so good at putting flavors together that her mom told her she would be cooking dinner from now on.

It wasn’t just cooking that Laura enjoyed, though. She loved to experiment with flavors using Hawaiian Sea Salt, a salt with medicinal and cultural significance and some of the lowest sodium levels in the world.

That’s how Laura’s original seasoning, the Hawaiian Rub, was created. She was only 11 years old when she mixed various seasonings, including Hawaiian sea salt, to create the top-selling, simple-yet-delicious dry rub.

For many years, she used these flavor mixes in her own cooking while she spent her career in the travel industry. However, after nearly 30 years, she decided to share her seasonings with a wider audience and see where they would take her.

Right out of the gate, the original Hawaiian Rub was a hit. Winning multiple national and international awards, including 1st place at the Scovie Awards, this seasoning paved the way for Salty Wahine’s success throughout Hawaii and all over the world.

Flavor Profile

The Hawaiian Rub is a low-sodium herb mixture that includes garlic, onion, paprika, spices and, of course, Hawaiian sea salt. This unique blend packs a subtle heat that reminisces the flavors of the Hawaiian Islands. This dry rub can be added to just about any veggie or protein to create a mouth-watering flavor suitable for any barbecue. As soon as you try it, you won’t want to go back to any other dry rub on the market.

Best Uses

The Hawaiian Rub is a classic dry rub that can be used to add extra flavor to any savory side or main dish. Some of our favorite ways to use the rub include:

  • Root Vegetable Medley
    If you are a fan of roasted potatoes, you’ll love this take on roasted veggies. Select any of your favorite root vegetables, slice and dice them, and drizzle them in olive oil. Sprinkle on a nice dose of our Hawaiian Rub and cook for a healthy and delicious side dish that pairs well with any barbecue or grill out. Read the full recipe here. It’s one of our personal favorite dishes to make!
  • Thanksgiving Turkey
    Give your holiday turkey a little Hawaiian kick using our Hawaiian Rub. All it takes is some butter, a roasting bag, and the dry rub to make an unforgettable Thanksgiving meal. You’ll have your guests coming back for seconds and thirds. Read the full recipe here.
  • Christmas Pot Roast
    Spice up your Christmas dinner with this hearty recipe where just a small amount of the Hawaiian Rub brings out all the flavors of the dish. Into a roasting bag, you’ll throw in chuck roast, carrots, celery potatoes, and any other veggies you might want. Along with a mixture of dry soup, Hawaiian Rub, and beef broth to top it off, your holiday pot roast will melt in your mouth! Read the full recipe here.
  • Customer Uses
    There are many other ways to use our award-winning Hawaiian Rub, and our customers have shared a few of them. Some have used it when baking fish, some while grilling steak, and others while cooking eggs. Many use it in soups and stews! Our Hawaiian Rub is an all-around, multi-use seasoning good for spicing up just about any dish you can come up with.

Take Home the Flavor of the Islands Today!

Our Hawaiian Rub is the first seasoning ever made by our fearless leader, Laura, and it has become the foundation for Salty Wahine as we share the flavors of the Hawaiian Islands around the world. As we continue to experiment with and create new spice blends, we’ll never forget the seasoning that started it all. The Hawaiian Rub will always hold a special place in our hearts, and its classic savory taste will never go out of style.

Find a grinder or package of Hawaiian Rub at stores and markets throughout the islands, or order it online and have it shipped right to you. Once you get a taste, you’ll never want your kitchen to be stocked without it.