A Sea Salt Blend Packed with Hawaiian Heat

Black lava salt has key healthy minerals infused into the salts due to the medicinal properties of charcoal. However, original black lava salt found naturally also contains harmful substances like sulfur.

That did not stop Laura Cristobal Andersland from developing her own version of black lava salt—one without the dangerous impurities. She infuses food grade activated charcoal with fresh sea salt crystals to create salt blends that can help reduce gas, lower cholesterol, absorb stomach acid, and even prevent hangovers.

Laura uses her trademarked black lava salt for a number of Salty Wahine’s seasonings, but perhaps one of the most popular ones is the award-winning Hot Lava Salt. Winning first place for salt in the 2019 Artisan Flave Awards, Hot Lava blends the medicinal black lava salt with garlic and chili peppers, making it a perfect seasoning for a hot summer barbecue or dish of any season.

Flavor Profile

The volcanoes and warm weather makes it hard to not add a little heat to a few dishes. Hot Lava is perfect for any dish that needs just a little extra zing to make the flavors pop. The medium heat from the hickory smoked garlic and chili peppers provides just enough spice to “wow” your mouth without overdoing it. Plus, with its blend of charcoal-infused black lava salt, your taste buds won’t be able to get enough!

Best Uses

The Hot Lava salt is a medium-heat seasoning that can be used to add an extra kick to any dish. Some of our favorite ways to use this premium sea salt blend include:

  • Hot Lava Sliders

    A perfect crowd-pleasing appetizer, these Hot Lava Sliders are great for family gatherings, sporting events, or as an entree all for yourself. All you need are Hawaiian bread rolls, ground beef, caramelized onions, your choice of cheese, and the Hot Lava salt. For a little extra pop of flavor, you can butter the rolls with a Hot Lava Salt and butter mixture. The best part? You can add any of your favorite toppings to customize these sliders any way you want. Read the full recipe here.

  • Hot Lava Tomato Bruschetta

    Give a classic Italian snack a Hawaiian spin and sprinkle of heat with this Hot Lava Tomato Bruschetta. All you have to do is mix chopped tomatoes, onions, basil and garlic with a little olive oil and Hot Lava salt to get a spicy flare for this refreshing appetizer. Add cucumbers or fresh goat cheese for additional flavor. Read the full recipe here.

  • Grilled Steak

    If you haven’t found a seasoning you like on your steak yet, give the Hot Lava salt a try. Cook your steak to your preferred tenderness and add as much seasoning as you desire. Let it sizzle on the grill, and be prepared for mouth-watering flavor as the hickory smoked garlic of the Hot Lava salt brings out the juicy taste of tender meat. Read the full recipe here.

  • Salty Breeze

    Looking for a spicy cocktail that isn’t another Bloody Mary? Try out the Salty Breeze for a unique blend of sweet heat perfect for a relaxing day on the beach. This mixed drink combines Balvenie 21 Single Barrel Scotch and Hawaiian Chili-Infused Tequila with honeydew melon juice to make a refreshingly spicy drink. Garnish with our Black Lava Salt and cracked pepper to complete the look and flavor. Read the full recipe here.

  • Customer Uses

    Some of the best uses of our Hot Lava salt comes from our very own customers! They’ve used it on everything from pork chops to shrimp. Some will sprinkle it on popcorn or nuts to make for a spicy mid-day snack. Others will even mix it into a salad dressing to give their veggies a fiery makeover. If you are a fan of spice, you might even consider making it your permanent table salt!

Take Home the Heat of the Islands Today!

If you’re looking to step up your spice game, our Hot Lava salt is the way to go. Inspired by the Hawaiian heat and volcanoes of the islands, this unique blend of flavors can’t be found anywhere else. Not only does it pack some heat, but it also provides some health benefits on the side. It’s a win-win situation that can’t be beat! Don’t miss out on this spicy goodness straight from the Hawaiian Islands.