featuring our Passion Fruit Chili Pepper


2 pounds marlin (or your favorite fish), Maui Onion Dressing, Salty Wahine Passion Fruit Chili Pepper, 1 bag spring mix.


Cut marlin into bite sized cubes; approximately 1 inch. Put into bowl. Add Passion Fruit Chili Pepper to taste and toss to blend. Add Maui Onion Dressing to coat all pieces; toss well. Heat grill to 400 degrees. Get your grill pan and spray with Pam (away from heat). Put grill pan on grill after spraying. Add marlin. Turn to cook all sides; approximately 3 minutes. Serve on spring mix with additional Maui Onion Dressing; if desired. This can be done with chicken also, just cook chicken until no longer pink on inside.