By. Evan Orensten May 6 2014

With its long history of rich cuisine and global mix of cultures, partnered with a natural bounty of produce and seafood, it’s no surprise that Hawaii is home to some of the most spectacular cuisine this side of the Pacific. From ancient Hawaiian earth ovens to the infamous enthusiasm for Spam, the small chain of islands has a unique culinary scene that is continually changing. In Hawaii, the grill is always firing and the catch is always fresh, and on a recent trip to Kauai, we came across a local product that captures the island essence in every serving. Salty Wahine‘s gourmet sea salts combine locally produced salt with various local flavors to create a range of rubs, seasonings and salts that infuse any dish with a touch of aloha. The mango-java rub works exceptionally on grilled lamb as coffee oils add depth to the natural flavor of the meat. It wouldn’t be truly Hawaiian without some pineapple and the Salty Wahine seasoning—intended for poultry and fish—rounds out the sweetness of the indigenous fruit with rich herbal undertones and plenty of black pepper.
Look out for Salty Wahine products across the islands and in specialty shops in the US and Europe. Pick up a three-piece sampler set for $25 and check out their entire range of products online.
Photos by Hans Aschim