by Anne Paddock Nov 4, 2014

A friend of mine whose food preferences run towards the crunchy and the spicy gave me a 4-ounce grinder of Salty Wahine Passion Fruit Chili Pepper with the promise that I would forever look at chili pepper in a different way. She was right. I was hooked with the first grind, as was my whole family. When we recently found ourselves traveling to three different places, we all began scheming to see who was going to get the Salty Wahine Passion Fruit Chili Pepper in their suitcase, which led me to order three 2.5 ounce grinders – one for each of us. Family war successfully averted…phew.


Passion Fruit Chili Pepper is made by Salty Wahine Gourmet Hawaiian Sea Salts on Kauai, Hawaii. Slightly hot (a medium heat) with a slight fruity tropical flavor, Passion Fruit Chili Pepper adds a zip to food, taking an ordinary dish from bland to delicious. Made of natural Pacific sea salt, natural premium Hawaiian sea salt, chili pepper, pepper, anatto, natural lilikoi (the Hawaiian name for the yellow passion fruit) flavoring, and vinegar, the Passion Fruit Chili Pepper can be used on anything that is normally sprinkled with salt: salads, tofu, coleslaw, pasta sauce, avocado, grilled vegetables, quinoa, soup, and more. The options really are endless.
One of Hawaii’s most popular exotic fruits is the Lilikoi or yellow passion fruit – a naturally tart and tangy fruit that is often used to make jams, desserts, drinks, and baked goods. The pulp can be made into a puree, syrup, or dried powder which explains how Laura Cristobal Andersland – the owner and creator of Salty Wahine – came to create a herb and spice blend infused with passion fruit.
Passion Fruit Chili Pepper can be purchased online through the company website: