Mother’s Day is a very special time of the year in which we acknowledge the bond between mother and child and honor all that our mothers, and motherly figures, have done for us. At Salty Wahine, we have several mothers who not only show their motherly love to their children, but also infuse that love into their work every day.

We are so grateful for the dedication and care they give to the customers and our business. However, they are not the only mothers we celebrate on this day. We want to celebrate and honor all mothers for all they do to keep the world going ‘round, including Mother Nature herself. This Mother’s Day, we invite you to honor every motherly figure in your life just as we do.

Honoring Our Mothers

For those women who serve as either biological mothers or as mother figures in our lives, they deserve to be honored with more than a simple card on Mother’s Day. For everything they do for us, they deserve something special; something sentimental.

Why not gift them with a lei, which is a reflection of our love and gratitude for them. In Hawaiian culture, lei are gifted as symbols of love, appreciation, aloha, and honor. When honoring the mother figures in your life, consider gifting them with something meaningful. Other ideas include:

  • Breakfast in bed — Give your mom a sweet and tasty surprise by letting her wake up to a freshly prepared breakfast. You can try something fancy or go with the classic bacon and eggs. If you want to dress it up a little, try adding our Passion Fruit Chili Pepper to the scrambled eggs for an extra kick.
  • Create a video montage — Take a stroll down memory lane by creating a video and/or photo slideshow of your favorite moments with your mom. Make it as short or long as you want; she’ll be overjoyed to relive those memories with you.
  • Give her some me time — Mothers are constantly giving to and caring for their children and family, often not getting much of a break away from all the chaos. Consider offering to do some of her typical household work, so she can have some time to herself for whatever she needs to relax and recharge.
  • Spend time with her — On the other hand, you could also take time to hang out with your mom. Go shopping, eat lunch, go to the movies, or even play games together. No matter what you decide to do, your mom will be happy to be doing it with you.
  • Make a special meal — Maybe your mom is the cook of the family. Giving her a day off by making a special meal will be priceless. If you are unsure of what to make or are looking to give your meal a little extra flavor, try incorporating our pineapple poultry seasoning, a Hawaiian twist on the classic garlic lemon pepper.

Enjoy the Fruits of the Mother Nature

One of the best ways to honor your mother is to sit back and enjoy the fruits and flavors that this world, and our home, Kauai provides. On the islands of Hawaii, Mother Nature offers a wide range of natural foods for all of us to appreciate. That’s why we are proud to say that 92% of our ingredients are of Hawaiian origin.

If you are looking for a way to wrap up your Mother’s Day, consider enjoying these refreshing cocktails with fresh ingredients straight from the earth:

  • Salty Wahine’s Tropical Twist Margarita — Using fresh lime and guava juice, this cocktail provides a burst of tropical flavor. Add some of our Guava Garlic Salt to the rim, and you have a unique blend of savory and sweet.
  • Salty Wahine’s Tropical Li Hing Margarita — Get your sweet and tangy fix with this cocktail, which blends tequila with fresh lime and pineapple juices and Agave syrup. Top it off with our Li Hing Margarita Salt for a sweet and salty finish.
  • Salty Wahine’s Pineapple Coconut Crush — Create a refreshingly sweet drink with pineapple, lime juice and coconut cane sugar syrup. The tropical flavor and colors will transport you to the beautiful beaches of Kauai.
  • Salty Wahine’s Spicy Islander — For something with a little more heat, try this spicy cocktail, which features passion fruit, orange, guava, lime, and jalapeño flavors. Garnish with Salty Wahine’s Hawaiian Passion Fruit, Orange, Guava Pepper Peppercorn blend and a sprig of cilantro for one fresh, savory concoction.
  • Salty Wahine’s Lemon Pepper Paradise — Using the unique flavors of star fruit, aged rum and lemon pepper, this bold and sophisticated cocktail will have anyone dreaming of a tropical paradise.

ALL Mothers Deserve to be Celebrated

Whether biological, legal, familial, or earthly, all moms deserve appreciation every day. However, this Mother’s Day, try to make it extra special for them. After all, none of us would be here without our mothers.

From the Salty Wahine ohana to yours, Happy Mother’s Day.